000 Design Management Forum


Referenten A bis Z

Klaus Jürgen Maack

Geschäftsführer  Erco

• Is the management of design important for a company’s success?
• Can you please describe the activities of a Design-Manager these days?
• Which qualifications, skills and talents must one have to be able to manage design successfully in a company and accordingly build a strong identity?

Reon Brand

Strategisches Design  Philips

• What will the future of design be like?
• Which role will design, respectively the management of design play in the future development of business strategies?
• If you hire a new employee for strategic design or design management tasks, what kind of selection criteria do you apply?
• Which are the most important skills, talents and qualifications you are looking for?

Bill Hannon

Gründer des Design Management Institute, Boston/USA und Professor am Massachusetts College of Art, Boston/USA

• As one of the founders of the Design Management Institute, which were the reasons to set up an institution like this?
• Did the objectives of the Design Management Institute change during the time span of its existence?

Peter Boelsma

IDIS – International Design Industry Services, Niederlande

• What are the typical requirements of design management skills and tools in medium sized companies?
• What kind of profile should designers present to medium sized companies?

Willemien Nagel

Initiatorin und frühere Projektleiterin des MA-Programms Design Management an der INHOLLAND Hochschule, Rotterdam, Niederlande

• Why did you develop a MA program for Design Management at the INHOLLAND University in Rotterdam?
• What is the content of the program?
• What in particular is being taught?
• Which qualifications, skills and capabilities do the students acquire in the course of the programme?
• What kind of qualifications are required from the prospect students in order to get admission to the MA-programme?

Jos van der Zwaal

Freier Berater, bis Mitte des Jahres 2002 Strategy Director und Partner FutureBrand Benelux.

• In contrast to its supposed hypothesis, how is the education of the MA program like in reality?
• Does the regular practice of teaching correspond to the defined intentions?
• How do the students react? Does the content of the programme correspond to their specific needs in their business context?

Jörg Heithoff

Vorstand der Wirtschaftsjunioren NRW und Geschäftsführer  heithoff identity GmbH, Münster

• If any, is there an explicit need for Design Managers in companies nowadays?
• Consequently, do graduates fulfil the expectations of potential employers?

Nina Kleebank

Diplom in Design Management an der FH Köln, Beraterin bei  Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux

• How did you experience your education in Design Management in Cologne and in Rotterdam?    
• Have you been well equipped for your day-to-day professional activities?    
• What was redundant in the programmes?    
• What was missing?    
• What would you recommend for future programmes?

Gabriele Krause

MBA Design Management Westminster University und Geschäftsführerin ProEngine GmbH

• How did you experience your education in Design Management?
• Did the MBA programme equip you well for your professional activities?
• What was redundant in the program?
• What was missing?
• What would you recommend for future programmes?